In Sisimiut the boundary between terrain and town is distinct from each other, but the locals embrace their natural counterpart.  

Stop by the skatepark to watch young talents do BMX-bike tricks in preparation for competitions around the world. In summer they are in the park day or night because the midnight sun does never set above this Arctic Circle community.

Are you an adventurer on a bicycle, then it is a great way to experience the landscape around Sisimiut and especially the winter route between Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut called “Arctic Circle Trail”.

The landscape invites for ordinary cyclists as well as extreme cyclists. You can explore the great and tremendous nature of Sisimiut’s backcountry on your own with a rented bicycle or on organized package tours.


Arctic Circle Trail (up to 200 km)

Asummiunut (10 km)

Dog Ville & Shootinglane (9 km)

Alanngors (20 km)

Tele Island (6 km)

Town Round Trip (8 km)

Rent a bike and go on you own to explore the hilly cityscape, Asummiut or the Backcountry scenery.


08-14: 100 DKR

14-20: 100 DKR

08-20: 150 DKR

08-08: 250 DKR


Locals love to bicycle, and in the urban landscape you’ll find people on trail bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes, ordinary bicycles and the fascinating Fatbike.

Mostly you’ll see locals biking in the summer times because the sun is calling everyone outside. The sun dries the dirt tracks which makes them very attractive.