Sailing is a lifestyle for many Greenlanders, and we are proud to share one of Greenland’s most favorite activities with you. Sailing expands our world and connects our well known city limits with the incredible nature, we love to explore. On a sunny summer day, a Greenlander will always choose to sail to a tried-and-true fishing spot or a hut in the fjord, where they will stay the night.

The real beauty of taking a tourist boat trip in Greenland, is the feeling that you are getting a bespoke experience. There is no particular route that boat tours must follow, so a detour to a rushing waterfall or the area where an eagle’s nest recently was spotted is not out of the ordinary. Your boat trip driver knows these Greenlandic waters like the back of his hand, and he wants to give you the best experience.

However you must remember that the Greenlandic nature sometimes can show its brutal side. As tempting as it might sound to hire a private boat owner for a boat tour, always choose passenger-approved boats and companies instead, that comply with the strictest regulations about sailing in the Arctic waters.
Sisimiut’s most important industry is fishing, and several large cutters, and small and large trawlers berth in the harbor. They catch shrimps, crabs and cods, but also salmons and halibuts. In addition to that, they also catch walruses and a significant amount of seals and white fish. Sisimiut and the surrounding area is a great place to sail. You can for example sail to the area near the Arctic Circle and experience the magnificent snowy landscape with mountains, where permanent snow and glaciers decorates the imposing peaks.

There are several options to sail around the fjords near Sisimiut and enjoy the stunning views towards the country and Mount Nasaasaaq behind Sisimiut. You can also join a boat trip to one of the settlements; Sarfannguit or Itilleq, or a boat trip to the abandoned settlement Assaqutaq, where you can experience the amazing Greenlandic nature. Here there is a great chance of spotting Greenlandic animals along the way.