Hiking in Greenland evokes a sense of freedom that reaches an unparalleled magnitude. As you follow hiking trails filled with bold rock formations and purple Arctic flowers, you’ll realize that Greenland’s mighty nature stands in front of you, unaltered by humans, and looks just the same, as it has for thousands of years. You will forget any stressful thoughts and schedules or crowded streets when you are hiking in the Greenlandic nature. You are free to hear the sounds of silence and to absorb the Arctic calm.

Start by climbing the mountain “Palasip Qaqqaa” or “Nasaasaaq” to expand your surroundings. Just pick a peak and let your wandering spirit guide you. You can also hike the entire 160 kilometer Arctic Circle Trail from the coast to the Ice Cap. This route will lead you through local populations from the previous millennia.
One of the longest marked hiking trails is the Arctic Circle Trail between Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut (160 km). Hikers typically use 8-9 days to complete this trail.

You can also choose a trip where you can feel the presence of history. The island of Teleøen, Sallinnguit, combines the past and the present. Different cultures have lived here the last 4,000 years and have left traces that draw a sharp contrast to the telecommunications equipment that today has given the island its name.
Useful hiking tips: remember sunscreen (there is no tree cover), several layers of clothing, wind and waterproof outerwear, hats, gloves, and remember to inform others about the planned route, especially if it is one you have planned on your own.