In the backcountry of Sisimiut you will find the best snowmobile area in Greenland.
Snowmobiling has become a part of the modern local culture. The vehicle has become a natural extension of how people move throughout the countryside.

The culture of snowmobiling has, for some, especially the young people in the larger cities, become a fulltime lifestyle encompassing identity, fashion and of course the sporting aspect.
But snowmobiling is not only an element of the Greenlandic youth culture, it is also used as a vehicle for transportation, for farming in South Greenland and as a tool for hunting in the mountains. Some even use a snowmobile to get to work.

In certain towns, especially in Sisimiut and Kangerlussuaq, there are specific transport corridors where snowmobiles are permitted to drive. Several towns have designated areas where snowmobiles may be used without limitations, but beyond that, snowmobile traffic is regulated, making room for dog sledding and wild life.

Sisimiut has the largest accessible backcountry, and the mountainous area offers the possibility for lengthy tours between Sisimiut and Kangerlussuaq, family friendly tours to local sightseeing points, tours climbing in heights of of 1400-meter, and alpine skiing challenges for daredevils.