Season Jun – Aug
Duration 7 hours
Activity Boating, walking, visit and sightseeing in the settlement of Itilleq.
Difficulty Level 3
Group size 6-12 per

1900 DKK / adult
900 DKK / child (0-11 year)

Mosquito nets
Mosquito repellent
Warm and practical clothes
Possible walking stick

Visit in Itilleq
Arctic Circle Certificat
Crossing the Arctic Circle

The Arctic Circle Mini Cruise

There are very few places in the entire world where the Arctic Circle is so close to a city as it is to Sisimiut. The Arctic Circle is the most Northerly of the five major circles of latitude, and it seperates the Northern Temperate Zone with Arctic. North of the arctic circle there is a 24 hours period, at least once a year, where the sun is above the horizon (midnight sun) and a 24 hour period where the sun is below the horizon.

The Arctic Circle Cruise is a unique opportunity to cross the Arctic Circle, and at the same time experience the magnificent snowy mountain scenery, where eternal snow and glaciers decorate the breathtaking peaks.

When we start sailing, we will be heading South following the coastline directly to the Arctic Circle. On the way we will pass several abandoned villages, which were abandoned during the 60s and 70s, because of the centralization policy. We sail past Nipisat , an Island that contains a very peculiar bite of Greenlandic history, since it was here the Danes built a fort to prevent whale-hunting by Dutch whalers. Alas, the Danish people retreated because of the harsh Winters. Today the Greenlandic and Danish government are applying to get the Island on UNESCO’s World Heritage list.

We stop the boat at 66°34′ N, which is right on the Arctic Circle, so everyone has a chance to take pictures. After passing the Arctic Circle we will find a place with calm water, where we’ll enjoy our packed lunch, surrounded by high Mountains and fresh air.

We will visit Itilleq, a charming and colorful little village, which can be found along the coast – a place where it seems like time is standing still. On our tour around the village we will for example see the church and the school. The village of Itilleq is famous for being the home of the former Greenlandic Prime Minister Hans Enoksen. The village appeared on the map mostly because of the Declaration of Itilleq, which was signed in Itilleq may 14th 2003 by the Foreign Minister Per Stig Møller from Denmark and the Prime Minister of Greenland: Hans Enoksen.

After the visit, we will head back to the North and the estimated arrival to Sisimiut will be around afternoon.