Art and culture is never stationary, but constantly changing and evolving. An ability to understand the present, is to have knowledge of the past, and the society you are a part of. Knowing its roots and its identity, gives courage to seek new challenges and explore new avenues.  The artists of Sisimiut learn from and inspire each other. Besides that they exchange experiences and pass on traditions and knowledge to younger generations. This creates new forms of expression that develops and strengthens the art and culture for the benefit of the community, society, and the Greenlandic identity.

There are many skilled craftmen and painters in Sisimiut. Particularly since 1976 there has been an active artistic life in Sisimiut, not least as a result of the handicraft courses taught at The Knud Rasmussen Folk High School. It is here that many adolescents, as well as people from all over the coast, are given the opportunity to develop their craftsmanship. Many of the artists also use the art as a supplement to their daily income. Craftsmen and other artists from the coast meet, and are inspired by each others craft and art.

In recent years, the Home Rule government has became aware of the conditions for craftsmen, artisans, and painters. This means that there have been some tremendous equipment and tool improvements, and the artists have access to vastly improved equipment today.

Thanks to Sisimiut’s geographical location in close proximity to walrus habitats, the artists have had access to bones and tusks. Soapstone was imported from towns along the coast, until soapstone quarries were discovered closer to Sisimiut.

Sisimiut is located in the middle of the reindeer and muskox habitats, which makes it easy to collect antlers, horns and muskox wool from these animals.

The word “Eqqumiitsuliorneq” is Greenlandic for: “to create something that looks strange”, and every artist has their own skills in making these beautiful decorations, jewelries, clothes and souvenirs. These often make great gifts, as nothing of the sort can be found anywhere else in the world.

It is possible to go to the local art workshop and see all of these beautiful crafts in person. Visit the museum or the community centre and see exhibitions and artwork that beautifully display and explain Greenlandic culture. Maybe you will find some great gifts for your family, friends or for yourself.