Season Jun – Sep
Duration 3 hours
Activity Boating, walking, church visit
Difficulty Level 3
Group size 6-12 per

915 DKK / adult
450 DKK / child (0-11 year)

Mosquito nets
Mosquito repellent
Warm and practical clothes
Possible walking stick


Boat cruise to Assaqutaq the abandoned Settlement

In the 1960s and 1970s, several small settlements in Greenland were abandoned as people chose to move in to the larger towns to find work. Assaqutaq, which lays at the foot on the southside of the beautiful Nasaasaaq, is one of these abandoned settlements. Today it is used as a summer camp for the local primary schools and, particularly in June, the place comes alive again as people from Sisimiut go there to fish ammassat (capelin), which is also important as dog food and it is also used as a snack by the Greenlandic people.

On the  walk through the settlement, you see the old fish factory, the summercamp and the pretty old church, which is filled with charm. In the last couple of summers, about 5-10 years, the Humpback whale has given us the very phenomenal opportunity to see these beautiful and huge whales very close. In the summer these enormous creatures can be spotted very close to the shores of Sisimiut, to eat all of these ammassat (capelin). This means that we have very good chances of spotting these magnificent animals on this excursion. There is also a chances that we might get to view minke and fin whales.