Boating is a lifestyle for a huge part of the Greenlandic people, and we are proud to share one of Greenland’s favorite activities with you. Sailing expands our world and connects our familiar city borders with the unknown, incredible nature that lots of people love to explore. On a sunny summer day, a Greenlander will always choose to sail to a tried-and-true fishing spot or a hut in the fjord, where they will stay the night.

The season April 15th til November 15th

Tours outside the season can be agreed between you and the tourguide. There is tour guarantee if you book and pay your trip online.

Arctic Circle mini Cruise


There are very few places in the entire world where the Arctic Circle is so close to a city as it is to Sisimiut. The Arctic Circle Cruise is an unique opportunity to cross the Arctic Circle, and at the same time, experience the magnificent snowy scenery with mountains, where eternal snow and glaciers decorate the breathtaking peaks.

Assaqutaq Boatcruise

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In the 1960s and 1970s, several small settlements in Greenland were abandoned as people chose to move in to the larger towns to find work. Assaqutaq, which lays at the foot on the southside of the beautiful Nasaasaaq, is one of these abandoned settlements.


Assaqutaq Trail Transfer


Take an all day trip on the hiking trail from Assaqutaq back to Sisimiut. It is a 4-6 hour hike in moderate terrain without the big increases. With Assaqutaq trail transfer, you will be sailed to Assasqutaq, from which you continues on your own.


Boattour to Sarfannguit


Sarfannguit is located on the hiking route between Sisimiut and Kangerlussuaq. The village of Sarfannguit participates in pilot projects for the research of sustainable technology. At the same time, Sarfannguit is located in the forthcoming UNESCO World Heritage Site, which will bring new tourism opportunities to the settlement.


Sea safari

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We will sail through the archipelago and into the fjords around Sisimiut where we will enjoy the fantastic views of the countryside and Mount Nasaasaaq. If we are lucky, we may see seals and whales.


Deep water fishing


The chance of catching something is very huge and if we haven’t caught anything within the first 5 minutes, we move to a new location. The tour is for everyone, including those who have no previous experience of fishing, but just want to try a very common way to fill the freezer in everyday Greenland.


UNESCO Classic Cruise

On UNESCO Class Cruise you get both a boat trip and two guided hikes where you have the opportunity to see in the countryside, the leftovers of the Arctic people. Arctic people including the Saqqaq, Dorset and Thule cultures.