Season Apr – Dec
Duration 1,5 – 7 hours
Activity Boating, walking, sightsseing
Difficulty Level 2 – Level 3
Group size 6-12 per

600 – 1900 dkr./ adu
350 – 900 dkr./ chd (0-11 year)

Date Time Pick up

Mosquito nets
Mosquito repellent
Warm and practical clothes
Possible walking stick

Jig fishinggear

Boating tours

Sailing is way of life for many Greenlanders, and we are proud to share with you one of our most favorite activities. Sailing expands our world past the city limits we know well and connects us to the incredible nature we love to explore. On the sunniest summer days, we will always choose sailing to a tried-and-true fishing spot or to a small hut in the fjord over staying on land!