Our main source of income is mainly shrimp fishing, and the world’s largest shrimp-peeling factory is actually located in Sisimiut. Hunting is still one of the important local livelihoods, where seals, walruses, belugas, narwhales, reindeers and muskoxen are the primary targets.

Additionally, we have some head offices, for example, the housing company INI A/S and the supply company KNI. We also have Pilersuisoq, which was previously called KGH (Royal Greenland Trade), as well as headquarters for the supermarket chain Pisiffik.

In the last 10-15 years Sisimiut has also  developed into a major educational town. This means that a large part of the population are students from the city, but also from other towns and settlement in Greenland.

KGH (Royal Greenland Trade) has had monopoly on the trade since the 1700s. This changed after the G-50 law implementation in 1950, which made it possible to open small local craft companies, kiosks and later the co-operative factory Sipineq in Sisimiut. With the new law the state became interested in making investments in Sisimiut.

Trade, shipping and transport have had tremendous effects for the development of the town, not only in the past, but also in recent years. With its location and favourable harbor area it is big enough to receive container ships and products from the biggest airport in the country: Kangerlussuaq.


KTI – Tech College Greenland – Greenland school of Minerals & Petroleum, Building & Construction School, High School education

DTU – Technical University of Denmark – Arctic Technology

KNI A/S – Which links the entire vast country with deliveries of vital supplies

INI A/S – Company for Housing, which have the headquarter in Sisimiut

Royal Greenland – The largest shrimp-peeling factory

Sisimiut is growing at a rate of 8% per annum, making it the third fastest growing city in Greenland. Fishing is still the main industry. The town develops towards the north, since the other side of the city, towards the airport, is an area reserved for modern suburban houses. 

There are several private and public schools in Sisimiut, which are providing education to the town and the residents in the area.

DTU (Technical University of Denmark) has established the Center for Arctic Technology in Sisimiut. Besides that, there are 4 different departments of education: School of Iron and metal , School of Building and Construction, School of Mining and GUX (High School).