The temperature in Greenland depends a lot on where you are and at what time of the year you visit the country. The average temperature is below +10°C in June, July and August in almost every town in Greenland, and all places are below the freezing point from November to April.

Summer temperatures will often feel warmer thatn they are, due to the low humidity in Greenland. If the sun is shining, short-sleeved shirts and t-shirts are perfect. Temperatures in Greenland in the last 130 years have shown a slight upward trend, despite a period of cooling on the western coast. In recent years temperatures have been continuing to rise.

On the east coast temperatures have been rising since the mid-70s. The current temperature level is the highest recorded.

Sisimiut is located in the polar climate and in category E within Köppen climate classification. The average temperature is +10°C or lower. The coldest months has an average temperature in February at -10.2 ° C and in March -10.1 ° C. The hottest months are July and August, which have an average temperature of 9.8 °C and 9.3 °C. These are the only months with temperatures of 1 °C on the average minimum temperature. The amount of rainfall is very low in Sisimiut, and most of the rain falls during the period from July to December.
In the following chart you can see a list showing the monthly average temperatures in Sisimiut.

You can check out the local weather forecast here (DMI), here (YR) or here (AccuWeather) and you can check the northern lights forecast here (Aurora – 3 Day Forecast).

Month Maximum Temperature Minimum Temperature Water Temperature Hours of sunshine Precipitation Days
January -10 -17 0 0 10
February -11 -19 0 2 9
March -11 -19 0 4 10
April -4 -12 1 6 10
May 2 -4 2 7 10
June 7 0 4 8 9
July 10 3 5 8 10
August 9 3 5 6 10
September 5 0 4 4 11
October -1 -5 2 2 12
November -4 -10 1 1 13
December -8 -14 0 0 11