The sled dog is an important part of the Greenlandic culture and has historically been the only means of transport as soon as the landscape was frozen and covered with snow. Dog sled tours will happen exactly the way the locals have always done it.
There are about 1000 dogs in Sisimiut, owned by locals. The dogs are used for hunting and fishing as well as tourism, but some only have sled dogs as a leisure activity. All types of owners play an incredibly important role in the conservation of the dog sled culture in Greenland.

The season Januar 1st to April 31th

There is tour guarantee if you book and pay your trip online

Discover Tour

This trip goes to the base of Niujarfik, where we take a break. Before we drive back to Sisimiut, there will be a short break so that there is time to take some pictures, while the guide arranges the lines for the sled.


Adventure Tour

The adventure tour goes to the viewpoint Qiterlinnguaq, where you can enjoy the beautiful snowy landscape after some strenuous climbs. Just below the top is a funny hut shaped like an UFO. The UFO can be entered if requested, and can actually be a nice place to have a meal.


Expedition Tour

This is a breathtaking tour with numerous impressions of Greenland in winter. First you will ascend to the viewpoint of Qiterlinnguaq, with an impressive view over the Kangerluarsuk Tulleq Fiord to the north, and the town and the peak of Nasaasaaq in the south. The tour will then continue down the steep northern slope onto the frozen fjord, and continue on the fjord ice to the upper end of the fjord.