The Sled dog is an important part of the Greenlandic culture and has historically been the only means of transportation when the landscape is frozen and covered with snow.

The dog sled ride will go precisely as the way the locals do it. We’ve got around 1000 dogs left here in Sisimiut, and they are owned by both full time competitors, who combine hunting and fishing with tourism and freetime dog sled owners who owns the dogs as a hobby. Both types of owners plays an incredibly important role in the preservation of the dog sled culture in Greenland.

Which one of the dog sled drivers you will join on the dog sled tour, depends on who is available on the given day. Some drivers are talkative and are multilingual, whereas some are more quiet and introvert. But they both share in common, the fact that you are going to have a unique experience.

You will be seated as a passenger right behind the driver, who sits in front directing the dogs. This tour goes to the foot of Niujarfik, a natural stop before the big climbs northeast of Sisimiut. Are you on a longer tour you’ll continue up hill, then crossing a lake, before the long ascent to the top of Majoriaq. From here you’ll enjoy a light ascent to Qiterlinnguaq, where the funny UFO shaped hut is placed. The long exciting ascent to the fiord followed by a nice quite drive along the fiord is part of the one day tour.

Before heading back, there will be a short break where there is time to take photos while the sled driver takes care of sled dogs liner.


Jig fishing

Remember to keep good a distance to the sled when you arrive at the dog sled area.
Before the tour wait for the driver’s signal before you go and sit on the sled.
When you come back from this tour, keep the distance from the sled and dogs after having good-bye to the driver.

We do not recommend sled tours for anyone with back problems.