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Season Jun – Oct
Duration 1,5 hours
Activity Boating, jigfishing
Difficulty Level 2
Group size 6-12 per

750 DKK / adult
350 DKK / child (0-11 year)

Warm and practical clothes

Plastic bag for storage of fish
Jig equipment

Jig fishing for arctic cod

Fishing in Greenland is world famous. The skipper on board has a special knowledge of the good fishing spots and just minutes after we have left the harbor we throw the jigs in. Catching something is almost guaranteed and if we haven’t caught anything within the first 5 minutes, we move to a new location. The tour is for everyone, including those who have no previous experience of fishing, but just want to try a very common way to fill the freezer in everyday Greenland.

There will be handouts of jigs and small bags if you want to keep the fish. The crew on board will happily instruct you in how to rinse and clean the fish, for later preparation over campfires, if you like.