You can experience the midnight sun north of the Arctic Circle. It lasts from one day to five months – all depending on how far north you travel.

The sun is one of the most common things in life. Every day it rises and sets again in the evening, which creates the switch between day and night. But each summer, north of the Arctic Circle, the midnight sun disturbs this common perception of time.

Strong, white daylight turns into warm, glowing shades at night, but the sun still remains visible, as if the day lasts forever.

Though it wasn’t exactly what you came to find in Greenland, the inner peace and inspiration you will find here, will be a welcome surprise.

In Sisimiut, the sun does not set from late May to late July. During this period, the soft, warm light from the low-hanging sun gets natural sceneries to appear almost dreamlike. The mountain tops will be bathed in a surreal palette of pink, purple, yellow and red tinge.