Nature is just outside our doorstep and you immediately get a feeling of being in the wild nature. Get the full experience of the Greenlandic backcountry while sitting comfortably in the monstersled and enjoying the greatness of nature from valley to mountain top. Discover the mountain scenery that surrounds Sisimiut in Greenland’s only snowmobile mini-coach or as we call it “The Monstersled”.

The season Januar 15th til May 15th

Tours outside the season can be agreed between you and the tourguide. There is tour guarantee if you book and pay your trip online.



Enjoy the stunning mountain landscape which surrounds Sisimiut in Greenland’s only snowmobile sledge.
Nature is right outside our front door, and you will very quickly get a sense of the difference between civilization and the wilderness.
Experience it all on the Winter safari, while sitting comfortably in the monster sled and enjoying nature’s grandeur from the valley to the mountain top.


Stars & Northern light

Join this magical and intense evening trip into the mountains, to experience the northern lights and stars in the best possible conditions. Besides the beautiful skies, there will be a great view of Sisimiut. Northern lights can look like the brush of a pencil or colours dancing through the sky. Sometimes the phenomenon can be hidden, but the huge blanket of stars are always an amazing experience.