Season Jun – Oct
Duration 3 hours
Activity Boating, guided walk
Difficulty Level 3
Group size 6-12 per

TBA / adult
TBA / child (0-11 year)

Day Time

Mosquito nets
Mosquito repellent
Warm and practical clothes
Possible walking stick

2 stops with hiking

UNESCO Classic Cruise

Aasivissuit – Nipisat is the largest ice-free landscape in Greenland, with a lot to offer hunters, sportsmen, scientists, tourists and others.

With a combination of open water area, coastal climate and inland climate, that have made it an exceptional place for Inuit to hunt through millennia. This make the  landscape rich on cultural heritage from Inuit’s history in west Greenland through 4,500 years, including memories of special events between the Dutch, Danish, Norwegian whalers back in 1600s and 1700s, which make the area significant in a North Atlanic history, and in an eastern arctic link.

Here, you have the chance to see the numerous ruins and traces in the landscape left by the Arctic people. These include winter settlement with ruins of turfhouses along the coast, inussuit (cairns) and trails from the coast to the caribou hunting camps, and the remarkable caribou drive systems in the interior.

The area provides the most complete and best-preserved record of arctic hunting traditions from 2500 BC onwards, demonstrating sustainable land use based on seasonal migrations between coast and interior. Colonial ruins at the coast reflect the arrival of Europeans in the 18th century and their interaction with Inuit.

Today, hunters with their families continue their seasonal travels, staying and hunting in the same places as their predecessors, and thereby creating a link between past and present.