Season Jan– Dec
Duration 50 minuts
Aktivitet Sauna
Difficulty Level 1 
Group size  1
 Age 8+

100 DKK. / per person

Towel and swimsuit

Water and a towel

Arctic Sauna

Sauna and Greenland – exotic, right? As one of the very few places in Greenland, we offer sauna retreats. It is so nice after a day in the mountains to get into the little cozy sauna to get your muscles loosened up and relaxed.

It is possible to rent the sauna exclusively with seating for 5 adults or just book in a seat. If you book the sauna exclusively you can choose different scents like lavender and eucalyptus.

Every sauna session is in 50 minutes. If you book a double slot, you’ll get a 110 minutes session.