Season All year
Duration 1,5 hours
Activity view points and driving
Difficulty Level 0
Group size 2-8 per

245 DKK./ adult
135 DKK./ child (0-11 year)

Mosquito repellent
Practical clothes

Sightseeing by Bus

This is where traditional and modern Greenland meet. Sisimiut is a melting pot of old and new and everything in between. The area has been inhabited by humans for the last 4,500 years, so there is no doubt that the place is filled with history and tradition. The past 250 years the city has undergone rapid development, which began with the construction of the colony Holsteinsborg. Today, Sisimiut is Greenland’s second largest city. A city where modern industry and educational institutions coexist with the traditional hunting profession.
On this guided bus tour you will be taken through the city’s past and present from the local meat and fish market at the port, from dog town to the museum. Virtually the entire city is visited and you get a good idea of the size and features of the buildings and the history of the town.

Originally, the colony was at the plateau above the harbor, but today it has grown out of the mountainsides and into the country, so there are some great vantage points where we stop for photos.

This tour provides a great overview of the city, that will make it easier to move around own your own afterwards.