Season  June 15 – August 1
Variety  30 minuts
Activity  Boating and hiking
Difficulty  Boating 2 / Hiking 4
Age  NA

600 DKK / Adult
300 DKK / Child (0-11 years)

Hiking boots, binoculars, mosquito nets, mosquito spray, packed lunch and water bottle

  • Transfer to Boat
  • Sejtur to Assaqutaq
  • Information pamphlet about Assaqutaq
  • Route description of Assaqutaq trail

Assaqutaq Trail Transfer

Departure from Sisimiut harbor towards the abandoned village Assaqutaq..

Due to the reforms to bring about a more sustainable society in the 60s and 70s, several settlements on the West coast of Greenland were abandoned. Families chose to move to the larger cities to find work and to benefit from the modern facilities. Assaqutaq, located at the base of the southern side of Mount Nasaasaaq, is one of these villages. Today, Assaqutaq is being used as a summer camp for the local schools in Sisimiut, where the settlement is abundant with life and activities in the month of June, as the residents of Sisimiut come to the area to fish ammas: a solitary fish that is used to feed the dogs but is also used as a healthy snack.

As we sail out of the harbor, we will sail close to one of the dog islands in the narrow passage at Sallinnguit (The Tele Island), after this we pass the entrance to the old harbor in the Paararsuk bay followed by the Qeeqi district. Qeeqi is a modern residential neighborhood with colorful tenements that are right next to the steep cliffs by the sea. The trip continues into the Amerloq fjord. Half an hour after we leave Sisimiut, we arrive at the little beautiful inner harbor of Assaqutaq, where you leave the pontoon bridge. Immediately after landing, the boat returns to Sisimiut.
Assaqutaq is from a period typical of the mid 20th century, with roots dating back to the whaling industry, characteristic of the 19th century. The mix of refurbished houses and fallow buildings will easily make you think of a ghost town full of mystery and history. We recommend to go for a walk in the deserted village before the hike begins.
Assaqutaq is placed on a small island, so you have to cross a hanging bridge on the eastern side of the island immediately behind the little church, to reach the mainland. Then you will cross a shallow area of ​​approx. 10 meters covered by water at high tide. Therefore, be aware of the tide. If there is high tide when you reach the island, it is only a matter of waiting an hour if you want to cross the water with dry shoes.

From the sea level you climb up a steep path through a 10-12 meter gap to the flatland area, from which the route continues westward. The route between Assaqutaq and Sisimiut is clearly marked with red and blue markers.
After the first kilometer you arrive at the old whalers station Qerrortusoq. The great cemetery is the first thing you’ll notice. If you dare to leave the trail, you can go down to the coast to visit, for example, the ruins of the first private school in Greenland. The building was funded by the citizens of Qerrortusoq.
The hiking trail towards Sisimiut is through a beautiful and very lush area. It is relatively easy to find a way, as the path stands out, and the direction is clear. After about 2/3 of the trip, you get to the viewpoint “Whale Bay View Point”. Here are great opportunities to see whales and watch the passing boats and dinghies who put yarn out from the coast. In fact, there are good opportunities on the whole route to spot whales, so keep your eyes open and listen carefully to the whales’ blows. At the viewpoint there is usually also a little wind that keeps the mosquitoes away.
Besides the scenic area in a beautiful hilly terrain without very high mountainsides, you can also enjoy the view all the way past the Arctic Circle, to the blue mountains with eternal snow. It is also a very popular heli-skiing area in the spring months.
At the west end of Mount Nasaasaaq, Sisimiut appears. Here you can separate the blue and red route, where you can choose the blue route to the south or the red the the north / west. Both routes end at “Lake Nalunnguarfik” behind the youth house.

Always remember when you go in nature to be aware of the weather and the conditions. Do not take a risks, help each other and leave no trace.

Take only pictures, and leave only footprints.


Assaqutaq Trail and other marked routes in the area surrounding Sisimiut