Hiking in Greenland creates a sense of freedom that is hard to find any other places. When you follow the hiking routes, filled with daring rock formations and purple arctic flowers, you will find that Greenland’s magnificent scenery is just beyond your reach, unchanged by humans, and therefore looks the same as thousands of years ago. When you hike, you will lose all the stressful thoughts you might have. You will be able to hear the sound of silence and absorb the arctic peace. 

The nature sorounding Sismiut gives us a vast amount of different hiking routes that reveal some of the area’s finest places. We have selected some of the best routes, and marked them with images. There are both hiking routes for beginners as well as experienced hikers.

Sæsonen 15. juni til 31. oktober

Nyttige vandre råd: Husk solcreme (der er ikke noget skygge fra træer), hav flere lag af tøj på, hav vind og vandtæt overtøj på, husk hat, vanter, og husk at informer andre om din planlagte rute, især hvis det er en rute du selv har planlagt. 

Sisimiut to Assaqutaq



Palasip Qaqqaa

Alanngorsuaq - Rundtur

Sisimiut to UFO hut