In a busy day with the internet, after-school activities, work and so much more, we can easily lose touch with each other. But here where the internet connection is not very good and the TV channels are limited, the great nature is alluring with its snow, mountains, ocean, northern lights and so much more that guaranties amazing experiences for children of all ages.
Greenland is a great setting for togetherness with your children. The presence of the great nature does something to us, and brings us closer together with activities and experiences that last a lifetime..

The best vacation is the time together

Every season has its charm with the activities that it offers.
Plan in advance where you are going and what your family can do at the destinations.
Explore the mountains on organized tours with a guide or on your own. Make sure you have time enough to just enjoy these experiences with your kids in the mountains, because it’s the time together in breathtaking and playful surroundings and not the amount of activities that give your family the best memories..

Just have fun

The mountain scenery which surrounds Sisimiut is ideal for hiking on many levels and depending on the age of the kids your family can choose the routes that suit you best.
When traveling with kids, a trip to the river where yo have fun trying to cross it on the stones in the water without getting to wet or cross-country ski to the David Strait where you can eat your pack lunch, this can very well turn out to be the best times on the hole journey..